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All Products within a Single Application Hassle-free source of manuals, organized & updated Your entire household & company products in one place.
Easy Navigation Semantic flow with AI suggestions & Book flow
Books Injected into your Products Manuals are organized around the product, always available for your future access
Organize Products Create & join custom groups (e.g. household, company)
Add Private Content PDFs, images, documents, etc.
Add Private Purchase Documents Bills, invoices, documentation
IoT Real-time access to important information about the product
After-sales Care Product registration, easy access to spare parts, accessories
Multimedia and Manual Specific Content Function and features videos, educational charts, troubleshooting lists, product menus, installation steps and many more specific manual components
Personalized Experience Add own notes, bookmarks, pictures, videos, topics and even whole manuals
Corporate or Community Help Forum, API to contact producer directly
Fully Customized Content Localized, product parameter based content at your preferred language can be even further customized by myself and my group

"... be at home with your product"

Find & Create

Download your manuals automatically and find complete documentation, customized for your product in the language you chose. Improve and add to any manual or even create your own.

"... be at home with your product"

Organize & Optimize

Keep ypur household product information in one place, bring all your PDFs together.

Improve the way you look after and use your product. Don't waste any special features & functions.

"... be at home with your product"

Access & Learn

Make use of indexes, full text search with keywords & hashtags to quickly & easily navigate the information for your product. See the bigger picture, expand your knowledge & expertise with additional information. Sit back & browse a product related topic to help you expand your knowledge.

"... be at home with your product"

Inspire & Advice

Ebgade the comunity with your voice by adding reviews & tenstimonials, opinions & advice about the product.
Become an ambassador of your favorite product & brand.
Drive the comunity and play a role in the future improvement of the product.

"... be at home with your product"

Ask & Discover

Locate spare parts & accessories for your product. Add a new warranty and register your product. Record the store invoice (proof of purchase). Find and plug in upgrades and take out product insurance.
Rceive key updates and up to the minute information and gain immediate access to product repaire & service.
Interact with the community to gain further user insight.

Now you have created your manual,

it’s time to share...

"... be at home with your product"

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